Real-world personal-safety systems used by police


There is NEVER a need to tell the importance or advertise the need for any safety product as these things happen around the country. No need to make them up that is why we call what we do real world – not the fantasy so many others live in. I share articles like this for…Continue Reading »


Being approached by an unknown person is slightly more serious than many imagine. When food, water, shelter and clothing become limited, desperation creates impulses that can often lead to danger. Remain alert, be decisive and have a preplanned response. Remember to be aware of the indicators; distance, positioning, excessive tone and repetition, eyes and hands….Continue Reading »

When responding to danger or other life threatening situations, many times we have to UNLOCK a person’s mind block when they freeze. This might mean assisting them through a very emotional or mental obstacle or it could mean possibly someone dealing with an over over-ride or PTSD.

I am amazed by the things that happen around us. As I travel around the world I have the opportunity to meet some exciting, motivating and dedicated professionals. This traveling also allows me to witness things people do that just amaze and concern me with their apparent disregard for personal safety. Like the woman who…Continue Reading »

I had been challenged to accept the ice bucket challenge for ALS awareness. It was one challenge I was happy to accept. However I’d like to challenge you and everyone else to support another cause – humanity. Check it out here.