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What We Do

Your Family Defense was launched in mid-2010 at the MA Success Show (annual conference of Martal Arts Success magazine) in Las Vegas, NV.

Since then the company has offered Basic Level training programs at host martial arts facilities throughout the United States and has developed a number of online and DVD training products.

Your Family Defense is currently in the process of expanding our classroom programs to more locations and developing more training products.

Soon, the company will begin offering Advanced-Level instruction and Instructor-Level training programs that will enable selected martial arts schools to become certified to teach Your Family Defense programs.

If you own a martial arts school, you have the opportunity to host a YFD program at your school.

If you are looking for Your Family Defense training, please check out our Training Calendar to view our currently-scheduled live training courses or the Training Products we have available.

Dave Young is also available to speak to groups of almost any size. Click here to learn more.

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